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NFL Week 1 Predictions

Posted on: September 11, 2010 8:16 pm
This is my first non-Nationals and/or baseball related blog entry...plz take it easy on me, lol.
Ok, here we go:

It is too late to predict the Saints over Vikings, but like most people I had em'. Favre wasn't ready, and the Saints simply were better.

The Broncos at Jaguars is a tough one for me. The Jaguars run game is one of the leagues best, but Orton is the better passer of the two QBs. The Jags are at home in a fairly even match-up. I got the Jags.

Next is Oakland at the Titans. This one isn't hard for me in the least. Vince Young took a big step forward in the second half last year, and has arguably the best RB in football in his corner. Titans win this one with ease, although they may not win by more than 10 or so.

Lions at Chicago is very interesting. Cutler is possibly the least clutch QB in the league and Stafford showed he may just be able to play at the NFL level. Chicago only helped themselves in the off-season with the addition of Julius Peppers, among other. I'll take the Bears, but the Lions will give em' a close one.

Bengals at the Patriots is next. This game is also hard to judge. Many aren't giving either team much hype, even though they both deserve more credit than they're receiving. As much as I actually would like to see the Bengals pull this one out, I have Tom Brady and his top notch receiving core in this one. He'll be out to prove that his team still has a deep play-off fun in them. Expect the game to be high scoring though.

The Browns at Bucs is a match-up of the best of the worst. I like Josh Freeman's ceiling as an NFL starter, but I think Delhome teases Cleveland fans and finds "it". Browns over Bucs.

Miami at Buffalo is a real easy match-up. Miami and 2nd year starter Chad Henne shouldn't have to worry about a defense that lacks much star power. At least Buffalo fans can get excited over C.J. Spiller. Dolphins get win number 1 over the lonely Bills.

Carolina at the NY Giants is another easy one. The Giants and Eli Manning are out to prove they are still a legit NFC East, and NFC contender. I like Matt Moore and see a decent year out of him, but a healthy Giants D, along with a sharp Manning should make this match-up a winner for the G-Men.

The Colts at Texans will be a shootout as usual. This game is definitely the one that is the closet to call. I'll go out on a limb and pick Houston. With a run defense that still isn't impressive, and a young man in Arian Foster looking to make his mark, and not to mention Matt Schuab and the league's best receiver in Andre Johnson, I call Houston in the final minutes.

The next game is the Packers at the Eagles. I'll admit that I'm not a fan of anything Philadelphia that isn't a television show. This game isn't much different. Packers (while over hyped) will roll over the Eagles. Kolb has been great against average to below-average teams. The Packers don't fit that bill.

Arizona at St. Louis is another match-up of very poor teams. I'm not a fan of Derek Anderson or Sam Bradford seeing his first action, but Anderson has been to a pro bowl, and does have at least 2 receivers who are better than any of the Rams. Cardinals win this battle of the futile.

Next is another NFC West battle; It is 49ers in Seattle. Both teams have QBs that are easily in the bottom half of the league in quality starters in Hassleback and Smith. The 49ners have the better D and running game. The "12th man", won't factor in this one. 49ers win and take their first step forward in taking a week West divison by storm.

Now I've come to the night game. The Cowboys are in Washington to face the Skins. If McNabb were healthy and/or still in Phily, I might pick the Eagles...but Tony Romo should lead his team to victory with ease. Cowboys are my pick over the Redskins.

Then there are the two Monday night games. First I'll take the Ravens at Jets. I personally don't believe the Jets are overhyped...or at least not nearly as much as Baltimore. Both defenses are tough, but the Ravens are missing Gaither on the starting line, and Rex will most definitely exploit that. Flacco is much better than Sanchez, but I've got the Jets at home with a good running game and the best CB in the league on their side.

The Chargers at K.C. has me wishing that the Chiefs could become a much better, and maybe even playoff caliber team, if only for one night...but sadly that won't be coming true anytime soon. Chargers should win without much problem.

Lastly is my team, the Steelers at home against the Falcons. I'm not impressed with their defense or Matt Ryan. Turner should have a great year, but much like the Ravens, teams don't run well vary often against the Steelers. Dixon will also be keeping the defense busy with his arm and legs. The Steelers edge out a close, and relatively low scoring affair at home.

Well, that is it. My picks for all the games this weekend. I'd like to see just how close my guesses will be. Plz comment.

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